Why Does My Furnace Turn on but No Heat Comes Out?

A household heating furnace’s main function is to provide temporary heating for your living space. Therefore, a furnace that isn’t blowing air through the vents throughout your heating system is an issue. Similar to a furnace that does not blow air in one room, this problem might have many different causes. If you require prompt furnace repair in Clifton Park or the surrounding areas, contact  Albany Mechanical Services for the best service.

Causes of your furnace not blowing air.

With so many complicated mechanisms in a heating system, any difficulties could cause the furnace to malfunction and require heater replacement in Clifton Park. Here are some of the minor to major furnace troubles that may cause the furnace to malfunction:

The filter has become clogged

Two issues, one involving obstructed airflow and the other involving tripped shutdown mechanisms, can be brought on by a clogged furnace air filter. In extreme circumstances, the accumulation of dust and debris might become so dense that the filter becomes obstructive to the flow of warm air.

Your do-it-yourself thermostat installation failed.

If you recently installed a brand-new thermostat, it may not have gone as well as it seems. Even if you followed the directions exactly, there’s a strong possibility you still need to make some adjustments, which our HVAC service professional can only handle.

If you are looking for a heater replacement in Clifton Park, contact Albany Mechanical Services for assistance.

The furnace's "heat mode" is not on.

One of the mistakes that homeowners make is turning on the furnace while leaving the thermostat set to the air conditioning setting rather than the heat setting. The complexity of today’s programmable thermostats, which offer various options that enable users to misprogram their devices perplexingly, is partly to blame for the confusion.

The circuit breaker is turned off.

Circuit breakers are a factor in some of the more difficult furnace problems. For instance, the furnace won’t produce heat if its circuit breaker is turned off. Similarly, the heat won’t be dispersed from the heating coils if the circuit breaker for the blower fan is off.

Circuit breakers should not be checked more than once after being triggered. A recurring tripping issue should be tended by our furnace repair technician in Clifton Park without delay.

Things you could do to fix the issue!

Here are some simple steps to fix the issue:

Examine the thermostat

Check the settings on the thermostat to ensure everything is set to the proper modes and levels before you declare any severe issues with your furnace. If someone else in your household modified the thermostat setting; double-check that the thermostat is set to “heat” rather than “cool.”

Verify the air filter

Every three months, check the furnace filter and replace it if dirt accumulation has become a problem. Turn off the heater and thermostat before gaining access to the air filter.

Examine the pilot light

A clogged gap, which may be cleared with a short piece of wire, may be the cause of the pilot light failing to stay lit. Turn off the furnace and the circuit breaker before trying this step.

A weak flame setting, a defective cutoff valve, or a loose thermocouple are other potential causes of a failed pilot light. All of these issues are best handled by our HVAC service technician.


In some instances, it is best to consult our furnace experts and schedule a repair service to fix the problem properly.

At Albany Mechanical Services, we provide furnace repair service in Clifton Park at affordable rates with quality assurance. Additionally, we provide round-the-clock emergency service. Contact us at (518)273-5541 for assistance with your HVAC issues.

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