When to Service Your Home Air Conditioner

Air conditioners serve a critical function in making our daily lives more pleasant and comfortable. The inside of your house will be hot and humid without air conditioning, making you sweaty and sticky. AC is capable of much more than just keeping your home or company cool. They filter away particles, pests, odors, and even dangerous compounds from the air. To perform properly, your air conditioners must be serviced regularly by 24-hour ac repair near me.

How Often Should Your Air Conditioning Be Serviced?

Your home AC unit should be serviced at least once a year, in the early to mid-spring, according to experts. While regular check-ins and cleaning throughout the year are always a good idea to ensure your system is functioning well. It’s the BEST idea to have your air conditioner serviced before you need it. If you wait until summer arrives, you may find yourself sweating excessively while waiting for the HVAC services in Saratoga, NY, to diagnose and repair any problems.

Why is Servicing Your Air Conditioner Essential?

  • It is critical to inspect your air conditioner frequently if you want to extend its life. Numerous advantages come with it, including:
  • It aids in the proper operation of the system. This is critical, particularly in hot weather.
  • Prevent any major issues.
  • Maintain efficiency. Your AC will demand more energy to perform properly over time. You can maintain its efficiency by servicing it regularly, which can help you keep your electricity expenses low.

3 DIY Air Conditioning Repair Methods:

Scheduling an annual air conditioner service regularly is advisable, but there are things you can do throughout the year to improve the effectiveness of your air conditioner.

  • Check Your Vents

Cleaning the vents is a necessary but sometimes ignored operation that should be performed every 90 days. The cleaning procedure is straightforward. Simply unscrew and remove the vents, then wipe them clean with a soft cloth to eliminate any debris that may be reducing effectiveness. Then vacuum as far as you can inside the ducts, clearing as much dust as possible.

  • Change or Clean the Air Filter

Remove the casing that surrounds the air filter to clean it. Clean the filter with a cloth after it has been removed. The filter can then be cleaned with water and non-abrasive soap. To extend the life of the air filter, repeat this operation every two weeks. Before reattaching it to the unit, make sure it’s entirely dry.

  • Clean Fins and Coils on the Condenser

Using a garden hose, clean the condenser coils. Before spraying the interior unit, remove the coil guard. This will prevent water-soaked debris from accumulating inside the fins. If the fins are bowed, use a fin comb to straighten them out. The fin comb can also be used to clean the fins.

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