When My Thermostat Is Turned On, Why Isn’t My Heater Working?

Thermostats do not have a predetermined lifespan, although, on average, they should last at least ten years. Thermostats may begin to malfunction after a decade owing to old wiring or dust accumulation.

This article will go through indicators that your thermostat is broken and how to fix a broken thermostat. If you need an expert’s help, search for “best heating contractors near me” and get your heater repaired.

Problems With Solutions

1. The Heating System Is Always On

If it’s a very chilly day, the furnace or heat pump may simply be attempting to meet the additional heating requirement. However, if it’s not cold outdoors and your heating system works nonstop, there’s a problem. Because this problem causes discomfort and uses a lot of energy, you should treat it as soon as possible.

The troubleshooting procedures and your heater is still running nonstop. You could be facing one of the following issues:

  • A broken blower
  • Air ducts that are leaking
  • An issue with the outside unit (heat pumps only)

These issues necessitate extensive repairs, which necessitate the assistance of a certified HVAC specialist to get HVAC repair in Saratoga.

2. The heating system is blowing cold air

Nobody loves it when the vents blow cold air when they expect hot air. If you’ve already tested your heater and air filter and they’re both fine, your heating system could be spewing chilly air if:

  • The motor is broken.
  • The fan switch is broken.
  • The level of refrigerant is inadequate (heat pump only).
  • The reverse valve is defective (heat pump only).
  • The external unit is not working properly (heat pump only).

Each of the difficulties described above necessitates extensive HVAC knowledge and skills to resolve, so you’ll need to seek professional assistance.

3. The heating system would not switch on

For obvious reasons, a heater that refuses to start is inconvenient. If you’ve previously examined the thermostat, circuit breaker, and air filter, the heater has a problem that will require professional repair.

The following are some examples of complex difficulties that prohibit a furnace or heat pump from starting:

  • Condensate overflow (furnaces only)
  • A fuel shortage or a fuel leak (gas furnaces only)
  • Ignition problems (furnaces only)
  • Capacitor failure

You can get HVAC technicians just by typing “best heating contractors near me” to get your problem fixed.

4. Inconsistent indoor temperatures

If you’re seeing a lot of warm or cold zones in different sections of your house, check for one of the following issues:

  • The ductwork that is leaking
  • Inadequate insulation
  • Vents that are blocked 
  • An improperly constructed heat pump or furnace
  • An outdated heat pump or furnace

The concerns listed above are more serious and will necessitate the services of an HVAC professional.

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