To Improve Energy Efficiency, Address These 3 Attic Issues

Proper attic maintenance is vital to keeping your home comfortable and dry, and with a few upgrades, it can even save you money on your energy bill. Maintaining your attic has three main components: air sealing, insulation, and ventilation. 

These are the three components that work together to create a long-lasting, comfortable, and energy-efficient living space. Heat, ventilation, and air-conditioning, which account for a large part of the overall cost of housing, can be reduced using energy-efficient methods.

The Three Arctic Issues To Tackle

  •  Air Sealing

 It is important to seal gaps in your attic, no matter your climate. Warm air inside your home will be drawn outside by cooler air, so your heating system will reduce heat loss in the attic to compensate for continuous heat loss. Air leaks allow warm, humid air into the attic during the summer. It can lead to moisture issues, damaged insulation, and higher cooling costs.

Sealing unused space should be done by a professional AC service in Saratoga, NY. Fill in gaps and cracks around windows, chimney flashings, and any other utility components in the area using caulk and a caulking gun. 

UV rays from the sun can penetrate your roof and enter your attic on hot summer days, increasing the temperature in your living areas. In addition to proper insulation and air sealing, a radiant barrier can help cool down your attic.

  •  Insulation

 A well-insulated attic enhances energy efficiency and comfort. However, insufficient insulation allows heat to pass through building materials. As a result, it reduces your comfort during the winter and summer. 

In addition, they use more energy by making the heating and air conditioning run longer. Upon evaluating the insulation’s condition and efficiency, a professional can recommend improvements and bring it up to current code standards.

  •  Ventilation

 Warm, cold, dry, or humid climates require proper insulation and sealing, but attic and roof ventilation guidelines aren’t clear-cut. A properly ventilated attic helps create a durable, healthy space, limiting moisture and reducing ice dam problems. 

In attic ventilation, concerns should be addressed by experts. Several factors, such as ductwork running through the space or newer roofing materials, can influence a home’s ventilation needs. Get in touch with a reliable professional of HVAC repair in Saratoga.

  •  Most experts recommend that homeowners use ventilation to combat moisture levels outside and extreme summer heat in hot climates. The ventilation system removes heat and moisture, limits mold problems, and keeps the temperature down.
  •  In colder climates, a ridge vent is the most often recommended rooftop ventilation system, promoting airflow from the roof deck to the roof peak. The space is kept relatively close to the outdoor temperature, preventing ice dams and condensation.


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