Things To Consider Before Installing A Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is a system in which pipes of hot water are installed beneath the floor to keep the floor and rooms warm. This is a Roman concept. In Rome, pipes were installed under the marble floor; these pipes were connected to a hot water supply. This helped in keeping the place and floors warm and cozy.

This system has been very popular in the US to fight the crisp weather. The underfloor best heating contractors near me in Saratoga are very apt for winter days.

But before you go ahead and install radiant floor heating, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Things to keep in mind before installing a radiant floor heating or underfloor heater

  • Types of installations

Mainly, there are two ways to install the pipes – wet installation and dry installation. In the wet installation, the pipes are installed in the concrete at the early stages of the build. Whereas dry installation is done above the sub-surface or between two sub-surfaces, this method is new, more popular, and can be done after the home is built.

  • Types of heating system

Heating systems are of three types available in the market that pass heat through air, water, or electricity.

  1. Forced air-based system: In this system, pipes are filled with hot air, and this hot air transmits the heat through channels in the floor. 
  2. Hydraulic-based system: In the hydraulic system, the heat is carried by hot water through the pipes.
  3. Electrical radiant: This system uses electricity to keep the floor heated. It uses local power.

Before you choose any one system to compare them based on various factors like pricing, ease in installation, maintenance, etc.

  •  Type of flooring

Different floors conduct heat differently. To ensure that the heat is being conducted uniformly. Tile and stone are ideal for this purpose. Ceramic and stone tiles, flagstone & slate, marble, and polished concrete are all good conductors of heat and are the perfect choice to go with underfloor heating.

Benefits of having a radiant floor heating 

Uniform heating

Radiant floor heating spreads heat uniformly. In a forced-air system, the location of the vent decides the warm area, but in radiant floor heating, the pipes ensure that the heat is carried to all the parts consistently throughout the room.

Efficient use of energy

Radiant heating is 25% more efficient than forced-air vents in terms of energy usage. It takes only 30 – 40 for underfloor heating to heat a place. It uses a thermostat that prevents overheating and under-heating.

Clean and silent

Another benefit of using radiant floor heating is that it is not visible and is quiet. That gives your home a clean and quiet, and spacious look.

Maintenance of radiant floor heating

Generally, this heating system requires very maintenance and can be installed easily, but it is wise to check for repairs from time to time. Repairing may be required in cases of 

  • Damaged heating mat/cable/pipe.
  • Replacement of damaged panels
  • Leaks in the pipes.
  • Pipe freeze & airlock.

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