Simple Ways To Make Your Furnace Last

Heating systems like furnaces are an essential part of our home during winters. Although we like to enjoy the warmth of a furnace as soon as we get home, we often neglect its maintenance. A poorly maintained furnace lasts only 5-7 years, whereas a well-maintained furnace can last 20 years!

Like all machines, furnaces also need routine servicing and furnace repair near me to last long. Meanwhile, here are some simple ways by which you can add more years to your furnace and maintain its energy efficiency.

4 Ways to Make Your Furnace Last 

  • Inspect, Clean, and Replace the Air Filters

A dirty or clogged filter can cause various problems such as unnecessary strain on the system and higher utility bills. Therefore, clean and change your filters every 45 days to keep them running smoothly and extend the life of your furnace. 

  • Check the Insulation

There’s no point in enjoying warm air when a large amount of the air that you’re paying to heat is escaping through gaps in your windows and doors! If this is the case, expect your energy bills to soar up as your HVAC system would have to work harder. 

  • Install Smart Thermostat

Tell your technician from furnace replacement, Saratoga, to install a smart thermostat that is much better regarding temperature regulation and making the home energy-efficient. Although the initial investment in a smart thermostat might be upfront, it will save a lot of bucks in the long run by cutting down energy bills.

In addition, minor changes in the thermostat settings can also save you a lot of energy. Keep the temperature of the thermostat lowered to just a few degrees while you’re away during the day, and it can result in three to five percent less energy used. 

  • Hire an HVAC Specialist

Hiring a professional furnace repair near me to clean and give annual furnace tune-ups is a great way to ensure it’s operating at its best. This will result in less energy wastage, eventually saving you a lot of money.

Also, have a look at some other ways to make your furnace last.

If you are moving to a new home, keep in mind to inspect the furnace. Observe the condition of the whole system to see if it’s all good or not because some home builders use lower-grade models having shorter life spans.

Do you know that some of the best furnaces from the 1970s are still operable today? However, the problem is that they operate at just 60% efficiency, which is way too little for current energy prices, resulting in high utility bills. 

So, if you are buying a home, one of the best things you can do is contact a furnace replacement in Saratoga to upgrade to a newer modern model. Most new models operate at about 95 % efficiency, whose investment will pay off through savings on your energy bills in the long run.

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