Signs Your Home’s Old Furnace Needs to be Replaced

If your household heating system is more than 20 years old and you have spent a significant amount on furnace repair in Latham in the past two years, it could be time to stop paying for these services and replace your furnace with a new unit.

When to replace your old furnace in your home

Below are the top red flags indicate it’s time to replace your furnace:

Your furnace makes a lot of noise or emits soot.

Furnaces circulate a lot of air, so they’re bound to produce noise. However, any extremely loud or strange sounds, including popping, rattling, shrieking, or clicking, indicates that something is not functioning properly.

Inefficient furnaces may also begin to overproduce carbon dioxide, which leaves sooty residue around your air registers. This indicates you need to call us our furnace repair expert in Clifton Park for an inspection or for a new heater installation.

The temperature in your house is uneven.

If you notice substantial temperature changes between rooms as you walk around your house, it’s a sign that your furnace’s ability to circulate heat is deteriorating. Ensure there are no leaks in your ducts before doing anything else. It might be time to replace the furnace if the ducts are perfectly fine.

Health concerns

If any family member frequently complains about headaches, burning in their eyes or nose, or even nausea, it may be time to replace your furnace. The old furnace’s heat exchanger can develop cracks or holes that allow carbon monoxide gas to enter your home. It is a hazardous issue that needs to be handled immediately! Call our local technician for immediate furnace repair in Latham in such a case.

Your furnace is older than fifteen years.

Furnaces that have always worked for more than 15 years require more upkeep and servicing as parts wear out, and energy-efficiency measures lose effectiveness.

Due to these factors, it is advised that you begin considering a new furnace when your current one is roughly 15 years old, even if you do not yet require one. By getting started early, you will have enough time to consider the type and size of furnace you need and create a budget for it.

Your utility costs are high.

Your furnace will have to work harder to heat your home as it loses efficiency, which could result in greater energy expenses. If your utility expenses are continually rising, it may be time to replace your furnace.

Frequent furnace repairs

A furnace repair is unavoidable. Debris can clog or harm some parts, and others can occasionally wear out. However, as furnace repair in Clifton Park becomes more costly and frequent, replacing your furnace becomes a much better economic decision.


You need a furnace that operates at its best if you want to stay warm all year. Regular furnace servicing and maintenance will extend its lifespan as much as possible. However, when it shows signs of ageing, it’s time to consider calling our HVAC Services in Saratoga Springs, NY for replacement.

If you’re considering getting a new furnace, call Albany Mechanical Services at (518)273-5541. We’ll evaluate your current setup, ascertain your requirements, and recommend the ideal heating system for your residence.

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