Radiant Floor Heating in Green Island, Saratoga, and Clifton Park, NY and the Surrounding Areas


Radiant floor heating has taken the concept of comfort to completely new heights. Radiant heating is a system that supplies heat directly to the wall panels or floors of a home. The heat is transferred via infrared radiant energy to the object and people in the home. The air itself is not heated. The system functions much the same as the way the sunshine transfers radiant heat. This kind of heating system can be used to warm both indoor and outdoor areas with success. Give Albany call today for Radiant Floor Heating in Green Island, Saratoga, and Clifton Park, NY!

Radiant Floor Heating in Green Island, NY


There are two ways in which heat can be supplied to the required areas. Hot water or electrical tubes underneath the flooring or behind the wall panels provide an even distribution of warmth. Thermal radiation projects the warmth outwards, heating anything that they touch. Although the air remains fairly unchanged, you are able to stay comfortable and warm because the objects around you are not absorbing the heat intended for you.

Radiant Floor Heating in Green Island, NY


Albany Mechanical Services Inc. are innovative and forward thinking. We keep up to date with the latest trends, advancements in technology and equipment and techniques. Our technicians are trained in the art of radiant heating installations and are available to provide this innovation for you to enjoy in your home. Radiant floor heating is more costly than other heating solution, however, the comfort level cannot be matched. The tubes carrying the electrical tubing can either be fitted in grooved panels on top of your floor, in aluminum strips under the floor or cast into the concrete of a new construction project. Once installed, the flooring can be covered with a covering of your choice, bearing in mind that a floor that is too well-insulated will prevent the heat from radiating outwards. Your decision may be negatively affected by the attached price tag, however, if you consider the more than 30% higher efficiency of such a system over forced-air systems, you make back your money and more in operational costs.

Radiant Floor Heating in Green Island, NY


The benefits of radiant floor heating are phenomenal with comfort being at the forefront of such an installation. The warmth throughout any particular room is evenly distributed at a comfortable level, there are no hot spots or cold areas. The temperature at your feet is warmer than at your head because your feet are in direct contact with the flooring. It is often noted that when your feet are warm, you feel more comfortable in general. This kind of heating system needs minimal maintenance, so although installation may be costly, you do make your savings on operational costs and maintenance services. There are no unwanted drafts, as with forced air systems, where you feel the draft coming through the vents. Radiant floor heating is silent in operation and is completely invisible. The instances of dust and allergens being circulated in the air are drastically reduced as there is no forced air in this system whatsoever. Your family will enjoy less bronchial ailments, asthma, and allergic reactions.

Radiant Floor Heating in Green Island, NY

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