Preparing Your HVAC System Before You Leave On Vacation

Nothing is more exciting than planning a family vacation or a long-awaited trip. However, when you’re on vacation, what should you do with your HVAC repair in Saratoga Springs and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system?

Should you turn off your HVAC system while on vacation or on a trip? Is there a specific temperature you must set your thermostat to when you’re away? Here are the most effective ways to prepare your home for vacation so you can return to a working HVAC system:

How to prepare your HVAC System before going on vacation

The time has finally arrived for your much-anticipated holiday getaway. As you start to plan your packing, don’t forget to give some attention to your home as well. To ensure a smooth trip, it’s important to complete a few necessary tasks that will prepare your home’s HVAC system for your vacation.

  • Set the thermostat

There are several factors to consider when deciding what temperature to set your thermostat to while traveling:

  1. Will your pets be at home while you’re gone?
  2. Will anyone be coming to keep an eye on the house?
  3. Do you have any greenery?
  4. Is your area experiencing extreme heat and humidity?

If your pets will be staying in the house or if somebody will be coming over to watch your home, ensure the temperature on your thermostat is comfortable.

Furthermore, if you have indoor plants, ensure the temperature is not too high for them to handle. You can increase your temperature by 3 – 5 degrees depending on the weather to save energy and money, but we would not suggest going above 85 ℉ in the summer or below 50 ℉ in the winter.

  • Any dirt or debris should be cleaned up

Clearing the area around your outdoor HVAC system will allow your unit to run more efficiently when you are away. Tree limbs, leaves, and grass cuttings can all cause your unit to work harder.

  • Close the curtains

In addition to providing privacy, closing your blinds and curtains can help keep heat out of your home. Indoors, sunlight can change the temperature and end up causing your system to run continuously.

  • Clear the vents

Make sure every one of your air ducts is open before leaving on vacation to ensure proper airflow. Clogged air vents can reduce efficiency, raising your utility bill and making your system work harder.

  • Get smart

If you have the means, now might be a suitable time to invest in a smart thermostat that allows you to maintain temperature control remotely from your devices.

  • Schedule a unit tune-up

It is ideal to schedule a check up with an HVAC contractor in Clifton Park for your unit before leaving for vacation. Your technician will ensure that your system is in good working order. If you’ve recently had a checkup, we recommend cleaning your air filters before you leave.

The final word

Your air conditioner is the last thing you should be concerned about on vacation. Make sure to go over these steps before you leave, ensuring a safe and stress-free journey. If you are looking for HVAC repair in Saratoga Springs, you must contact Albany Mechanical. Call us at (518)273-5541.

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