Not Comfortable? Signs That Your AC Is On The Fritz

Not Comfortable? Signs That Your AC Is On The Fritz
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Summers aren’t too sweet if you are sans AC. Fortunately, the air conditioning service experts Saratoga NY are here to provide some expert advice on what the signs are of a failing air conditioner.

We’ve all been there.

It starts out as a bothersome tickle at the back of your throat. Pretty soon your nose is joining the party by demonstrating that yes, the human body is indeed 70% water and yes, it is entirely possible to lose it all via your nasal cavity. And still, you stoically soldier one, refusing to let a case of the sniffles get you down.

Before you know it, a full-on bout of the flu has developed and a Kleenex mountain now occupies an entire corner of your room.Possibly accounting for the dog being missing for the past three days.

The point we’re trying to make is that, when our bodies tell us something, we ignore these signs at our own peril. Similarly, an AC on the wrong side of healthy is liable to give you certain warning signs of its impending demise, and heeding these signs could save you a sizeable repair bill not to mention an uncomfortable summer.

Below we’ve listed some of the more common signs of an ailing air conditioner:

Complete Lack Of That Chill

The most obvious sign of an AC that’s on the fritz is a failure to cool you down. If the air emanating from your air conditioner feels as hot as the breath of that one dude who stood way too close to you in the line at the bank, something is amiss.

Problems with air temperature can generally be traced to the refrigerant, which is the compound responsible for absorbing warm air. It is entirely possible that the refrigerant is simply in need of a recharge.

Water puddles

Fluids of various origins are involved in the working of an air conditioner. One of the critical processes that take place in an AC is condensation, i.e. the change of a gas to a liquid.

The moisture is collected in a pan of sorts and transported outside via a tube. If the drain or tube is blocked or has become disconnected, you’ll notice a puddle of water in the vicinity of the unit.

Strange noises

Air conditioners are remarkably complex systems, which unfortunately means that troubleshooting can get a little tricky especially with regards to strange noises. To avoid sustaining an injury or causing further damage to the unit, rather trust the air conditioning service experts Saratoga NY.

Most AC’s consist of a variety of belts, motors, and fans and any or all of these components could potentially produce unwholesome sounds when misaligned, bent or simply worn.

Unusually High Utility Bill’s

You’ve probably heard the word “efficiency” being thrown around in reference to air conditioners.
Efficiency is the ratio of energy that is put into a mechanical system in relation to how much usable energy it produces.

If your energy bill is suddenly sky-high, it’s a sure sign that your AC’s efficiency has been compromised, quite possibly as a result of a soiled or clogged air filter.

You deserve to feel cool and content this summer. If your AC is presenting with any of these symptoms, don’t panic! The air conditioning service experts Saratoga NY will provide expert advice and have your system running as good as new.

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