How to Fix 3 Common AC Problems

Air conditioning units are a must-have in Saratoga, and life can be rather intolerable if your air conditioner runs out or stops working. When your air conditioning unit abruptly ceases to work, it can be a warning indication, or it can be something as easy as a failed fuse or hindered circuit breaker. AC repairs can be high-priced. Therefore it is crucial to make sure your air conditioning unit is in tip-top health through routine maintenance, and you routinely schedule for an AC service in Saratoga, NY?

Tips to Solve 3 Common Air Conditioner Problems

There are several issues that take place in an air conditioner that calls for expert supervision. However, there are certain issues that you can easily troubleshoot if you think your AC is undergoing some of the common problems mentioned hereunder. 

The Air Conditioner Not Switching on 

If you are not able to switch on your air conditioning unit, you must initially examine your unit outdoors to ascertain if the condenser is functioning properly or not. In addition to this, you must always ensure that your outdoor unit is plugged into power and your thermostat is installed accurately. 

Doing this might sound easy; however, you should always reduce the temperature to 5 to 10 degrees to get maximum cooling. You must note that numerous thermostats are complicated, and house owners might be ready to protect their precious time and funds by examining the manual. 

Even after checking all the latent problems, if your air conditioning unit is still not turning on then, there is a possibility that there might be a problem with the AC motor or compressor. Hence, in this case, it is always advisable to schedule a professional repair of your unit. 

Air Conditioner Not Cooling Your Place

Even when your air conditioning unit is properly switched on, and the thermostat is installed accurately. Still, your AC is not cooling the place; then, there might be a possibility that your AC might hold a blocked or dirty condenser.  

Your initial action then must be to examine the outdoor unit and brush around to eliminate any trash or plants obstructing the air passage. In addition to this, you must further review your air filter and ensure that it is clear and clean. 

Dirty air filters are again a reason why that obstructs the evaporator coil, causing it to freeze. If your air conditioning unit is still not chilling air despite all the efforts, there might be trouble with a refrigerant or compressor and require reaching out to an expert.

Your AC is not Sufficiently Cooling

If your air conditioning unit is switched on and installed accurately but is still not cooling your place as per the set standards, it can be asserted that the unit is not accurately sized. 

The mediocre unit must keep a 20-25 degree temperature variation amongst the outside and inside temperature. Beyond this, your system will not work, and you will require professional assistance. 

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