How to Choose a Long-Lasting AC Unit

No invention has significantly impacted comfortable living more than air conditioning. With the advancement in technology, today’s air conditioners, ranging from window units to central systems, are more energy-efficient and cost-effective, so you can beat the heat without worrying about a surge in your energy bill.

The comfort of walking into a room that’s cooled to the perfect temperature after stepping out of the scorching heat in August is unparalleled. If you’re experiencing issues with your current AC system during the hot weather, it may be time to consider AC service in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Things to look for when choosing an air conditioning unit

When shopping for a new AC, there are several options to consider to ensure that the system is appropriate for your home.

  • Proper air conditioner size for your space

When it comes to air conditioners, choosing the right size is essential. A unit that is too large will cool the air but end up leaving it damp and clammy. An air conditioner that is too small will have to work extra hard to maintain the set temperature, increasing your energy bill. The most important consideration to make is the size of the air conditioner.

  • High EER and SEERs Ratings

These two similar (but not interchangeable) ratings measure a way of measuring a specific unit’s energy efficiency in BTUs. In the meantime, EER stands for “energy efficiency rating,” and SEER stands for “seasonal energy efficiency rating.” A higher rating indicates greater efficiency, and SEER and EER ratings are available for both room and central air conditioners.

  • Energy-saving settings

Another feature to look for in the best air conditioners is a power setting, which means the unit will switch off the compressor and fan once your room has cooled, saving energy.

  • The auto-clean feature

By removing moisture from the AC unit, the auto-clean function inhibits the growth of microorganisms in the machine. The auto clean feature ensures that you obtain air quality and excellent cooling with every use while also increasing the unit’s durability.

  • Smart AC’s

Smart air conditioners incorporate Wi-Fi technology into traditional AC units, increasing the AC’s convenience and ease of use. Smart air conditioners are typically controlled by an app on your smartphone, which allows you to adjust the settings, select modes, and track your usage over time. A Smart AC also excludes the need for remote controls or batteries, enabling all air conditioners in the home to be controlled by a smartphone. This feature also allows you to turn on your air conditioner in severe weather before you arrive home.

  • Energy Star Certification

When deciding on the best air conditioning unit for your home, look for said blue ENERGY STAR® certification. This certification indicates that this unit has exceeded or met more efficient standards than comparable models.

Summing it up

Having learned about the characteristics of a durable air conditioner and decided to purchase one, it is imperative to engage the services of a professional. You can contact Albany Mechanical Services Inc for AC Installation in Latham, NY, New York. Our team at Albany Mechanical Services Inc consists of expert HVAC professionals who are a call away for any of your HVAC needs and have experience of more than 20 years. Call us today at (518)273-5541.

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