How Do You Reset Your Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning can occasionally fail or temporarily stop working, which can be unpleasant if it happens when the weather outside is hot. In such a circumstance, your air conditioner may require a restart to keep you cool. Fortunately, a homeowner can try some AC troubleshooting tips before calling AC professionals.

Here are some steps you can take on your own if this happens in your home. And if you’re still having problems after following these simple steps, you can seek help from AC repair in Clifton Park.

Steps to Reset Your Air Conditioner

Turn Off Your Thermostat.

If your air conditioner won’t turn back on, the first step to resetting your system is to turn it off using your thermostat. Look for the switch labeled off and press it. This guarantees your safety as you proceed to the next step.

Turn Off The Circuit Breaker.

After turning off the air conditioner with the thermostat, you’ll need to locate and turn off the switch for your air conditioning system at the circuit breaker.

Turn On Your Circuit Breaker.

Allow one minute before returning the circuit breaker to the on position. If you do not wait a few seconds, your air conditioning system may not restart correctly.

Wait For 30 Minutes.

After completing the previous steps and resetting your breaker, you should wait 30 minutes before trying to turn your AC system back on with your thermostat. This time allows your entire air conditioning system to reset. If you turn the thermostat back on before 30 minutes, the system restart may fail.

Turn On Your Air Conditioner System Using The Thermostat.

After waiting 30 minutes, use your home’s thermostat to turn your AC back on. Your system should then restart and resume normal operation. If you’ve tried these easy steps and still can’t get your air conditioner to work correctly, contact an air conditioning repair in Saratoga Springs for a thorough inspection and potential repair work.

When to Call Professionals For Help?

There are some cases in which you should not attempt to repair yourself. In these cases, you should immediately contact a professional because something else is wrong and requires immediate attention. For example:

• Faulty electrical work
• A breaker that is continually tripping
• Clogged evaporator and condenser coils of AC unit
• Malfunctioning motor

Perform Regular Maintenance To Avoid Problems.

AC repair is unavoidable, no matter how hard you try to avoid an AC malfunction. However, by performing routine maintenance at home, you can significantly reduce the risk of AC-related issues and extend the life of your AC unit and related parts. When performing regular air conditioner maintenance, a professional can determine why you need to reset your air conditioning unit.

If you are looking for professional AC maintenance or dependable AC installation in Clifton Park, call Albany Mechanical Services Inc. for help. Our professionals can catch minor issues before they become major. That means your air conditioner will be less prone to problems, and you may never need to reset it.

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