Heating Problems Your Furnace May Face Without Any Warnings

Getting no candies on Halloween is sad, but having a faulty or malfunctioning furnace on Christmas or any other winter night is sadder. Facing problems with your furnace is not unique, so you need not panic while handling them.

The best way to tackle problems with your furnace is to contact the best heating contractors near me to get their help. However, you should know which issue you face and how to tackle it before consulting them. You may solve the issue without spending some bills on the contractors. Here are some common heating problems to know for your furnace:


Your thermostat governs your heating system, and it acts as the backbone for your furnace. The sole purpose of any thermostat is to track your home’s temperature and instruct the furnace to increase or decrease the overall temperature for your comfort. You have to set the temperature manually on a thermostat, but you need not do it with a smart thermostat as it can detect the temperature itself and manage it effectively.

If your heating system is not maintaining the temperature as per your comfort, you may check the thermostat before anything else. If it is faulty, contact a company for heating services in Saratoga to assist you.


The duct network of your home ensures the proper dividing of warm air into the rooms. If you notice that the temperature of your rooms is getting lower, it may indicate that the airflow is not smooth. Airflow problems may be due to fan malfunctioning, leakages in the ductwork, or issues with dampers. To confirm that airflow is the real issue for lower heating, put a tissue near the supply grills and notice whether its movement is even or not.

Air filters

Dirty air filters are the root cause of many furnace problems. Air filters help in the smooth airflow in the house, and dirty air filters block the airflow. You should check your air filters occasionally to ensure that they are clean and are not blocking the airflow in any way.

Pilot or Ignition

If you have a furnace that uses natural gas to generate heat, the pilot light or ignition may be faulty. A faulty pilot light cuts out the heat transmission or generation. Only a professional from companies that provide heating services in Saratoga can fix such a problem.


All electrical appliances need regular maintenance, whether they are small or big. If you do not maintain your furnace system at least once a year, its parts will face damage at a slow rate, but the damage will be irreparable after a few years. Instead of buying a new furnace after 4 or 5 years, it is best to invest in maintaining your current furnace.

Finding a trustworthy HVAC company can be hectic. Let Albany be your partner in fixing your furnace problems. Look for the best heating contractors near me, or contact us at (518) 273-5541 or email us at [email protected]. Be at your best comfort!

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