Furnace Replacement In Clifton Park, Green Island, Saratoga, NY and the Surrounding Areas

Furnace and Heating Replacement In Clifton Park, NY

Is it time to get a new furnace? Continuing to use a furnace that should be replaced will only result in headaches, frustrations, and extra expenses. Albany Mechanical heating service Latham is here to provide you professional heater replacement Clifton Park, Green Island, Saratoga, NY and the surrounding areas.

Signs It's Time to Replace Your Furnace

There are a number of warning signs that indicate it’s time for furnace replacement in Clifton Park, NY. The first is if you always feel as if your furnace just isn’t working. Perhaps it isn’t keeping your house warm, perhaps it only seems to work in some rooms, or perhaps you find yourself always fidgeting with the thermostat in an effort to get the temperature right.

Another warning sign is if you hear strange noises coming from your furnace. You shouldn’t be hearing rattling, banging, or other strange noises.

Check the flame of your furnace. Is it blue or yellow? If it’s yellow, this can mean that the burner is dirty and the gas isn’t burning off normally. This can lead to carbon monoxide getting into your house.

If you notice rodent activity around your furnace, that may be an indirect sign that your furnace needs to be checked. Rodents can chew on and damage wiring. To spot rodent activity, look out for droppings or noises in your walls.

If your heating bills seems to have artificially gone up, meaning you aren’t using it more often but it’s still more expensive, it may point to a faulty furnace that is inefficient and wasting energy in an effort to heat up your home.

You may also notice a lot of dust accumulating in and around your furnace. If you have been changing your filters regularly and still notice a lot of dust, there may be other problems with your HVAC system. If your furnace is having difficulty filtering out dust, it can cause unhealthy air pollution in your home, which isn’t safe for your lungs.

Finally, there are times when you will just know that you need a new furnace repair near you. If your house is old or if your furnace seems to constantly break down and require heater replacement Clifton Park repairs, it’s time to get a new one.

Why Replace Your Furnace

Furnaces don’t last forever; they have a lifespan. If your furnace is old, getting it replaced will save you money in the long run. Newer furnaces are more efficient and use up less energy when heating up your home. Replacing your furnace can lead to lower heating bills, and using less energy is better for the environment too. In addition, old furnaces have to be repaired often; repair expenses will add up.

A newer furnace is safer. Older HVAC systems that are dirty or rusting may not get rid of carbon monoxide as efficiently as new, clean systems.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

There are times when a complete replacement won’t be necessary. Certain problems can be repaired. At other times, your furnace might just be on its way out and not replacing it will end up costing you more in the long run because your furnace will continue to constantly break down. If you are unsure of whether you need to repair or replace your furnace, we will make an assessment and give you a professional opinion at heater replacement Clifton Park.

How We Can Help

If you think that your furnace may need to be replaced, it’s best to schedule a professional inspection. We’ll investigate why your furnace isn’t working and check if there are any serious problems. We provide professional furnace inspection, repair, and replacement services in Green Island, Clifton Park, and Saratoga, NY, and the surrounding areas.  Regardless of where you are, we will provide quick service and help you out as soon as possible. Contact us today (518) 273-5541  for professional furnace replacement in Clifton Park, NY.

Ready?  Let’s go!  Submit a request through our online request form or give us a call and our specialist will help guide you through the furnace replacement process.