Furnace Maintenance Service in Green Island, Clifton Park, Saratoga, NY, and the Surrounding Areas

Few people realize the degree of work involved in owning a furnace. Yes, the installation is paramount to the performance of the equipment from the start, however, care and maintenance must be regularly undertaken to ensure that the unit remains in that state. You can’t possibly expect a furnace, that works every day, to maintain perfect condition without some form of attention. Wear and tear are going to take place, and if not kept in check, disaster can strike when you least expect it. Call Albany Mechanical Services, Inc. for excellent furnace replacement Saratoga NY anytime!

Gas Furnace Maintenance – Safety First

Furnace Maintenance Service in Green Island, NY

Gas is one of those energy sources that are cost-effective and efficient to use, however, it should never be taken for granted. As many pros as gas has, it can be deadly if left unattended. The maintenance of a gas furnace is something that should never be pushed down the to-do list. The safety of your family depends on it. Gas furnaces emit deadly carbon monoxide which is odorless and often goes undetected for long periods of time. Inhaling large quantities of this byproduct can cause serious illness and even death. Your family members and pets are at risk if you shirk off this responsibility. Besides this harmful factor, there are other concerns as well. Gas has a tendency to be flammable or explosive if not treated with the care and respect it warrants. The maintenance technicians at Albany are well-versed in how gas works and the possible dangers of such systems.

Gas Detection in Your Home

We are intensive in our exploration during a maintenance service, leaving nothing to chance. There are precautions that you, yourself can take when dealing with a gas furnace. Ensure that anything flammable is not left in the vicinity of the furnace. The heat that comes off that equipment is intense and any spark could set fire to your home. Insist on having a carbon monoxide meter installed so that you are aware immediately of any leaks that may be present. In some instances, you can request shut-off valves to be installed. These are a safety precaution that shuts off the flow of gas from the mainline if the flow is suddenly increased or in the event of an earthquake where movements in the earth can ignite the gas causing an explosion. Yes, these added features will cost you a little more, however, your family is worth it.

Suspect A Leak – Take Action

If you suspect a gas leak from your furnace, or if your carbon monoxide meter is off the charts, take action immediately for the safety of all those around you. Shut off the power to the furnace, as well as the main gas line. Call the authorities and your service professional. Evacuate your home. Once the all-clear has been given by all the powers that be, you may re-enter. You never know when that fear could become a reality so don’t take any risks.

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