Furnace Installation Service in Green Island, Latham, Clifton Park, Saratoga, NY, and the Surrounding Areas.

Albany Mechanical Services Inc. is one of the most trusted HVAC contractors for Furnace Installation Service in Green Island and Latham, NY. Our high-quality services ensure that we remain the most preferred brand in Long Island. Our customers get access to a list of curated maintenance plans. Not only that, we provide you with suggestions on which device would be suitable for your house. To talk to our professionals, you can visit the Contact Us section on the website. If you want to meet them in person, we are available at our office in Green Island.

Furnace Installation Service in Green Island and Latham, NYThe majority of heating installations incorporate the use of furnaces these days. Furnaces are easily obtained and the cost implications are a little smaller than for other heat sources. Of course, as with everything, you have the choice of selecting either gas-driven or electrically-driven items. Each comes with pros and cons of its own, and we, at Albany, will be happy to keep you in the loop. We are here to make your decision that much simpler to make. When you need Furnace Installation Service in Saratoga, NY, know that you can always give us a call.

Going The Gas Route - Know Your Facts

Although a gas furnace costs quite a bit more by way of initial investment, the operational costs are considerably lower than that of an electric furnace. Natural gas has decreased in price over the years, making it affordable to run your furnace when you need to. A gas unit is proven to be more efficient and effective in extreme cold, the gas reaches higher temperatures than electric furnaces in this situation and under normal cold conditions, gas will heat your home quicker than the electric models. You can expect your gas furnace to have quite a long lifespan which ranges between 10 and 20 years, however, gas furnaces need to be maintained religiously.

Safe Gas Furnace Installation

Gas emits toxic carbon monoxide which is undetected through lack of odor. This can be extremely harmful, and in some cases fatal, if not rectified. Gas does have explosive and flammable properties which can be a cause for concern if you don’t ensure that your equipment is running without fault at all times also you can read more at Furnace Installation Service in Green Island and Latham, NY Overall a gas furnace is a way to go if you are wanting to invest in a heating system. Yes, the installation may be a little more involved than that of an electrical unit, and the initial cost may be a little higher, however, in the long-term, the operational savings and benefits outweigh these issues.

Electricity All The Way - Your Choice

If you are concerned about the safety of using gas in your home and opt for an electrically-driven furnace, there are things you should know before making that final decision. An electrical unit is cheaper initially as the purchase or investment price is far less than that of a gas unit, however, operational costs are higher, and over time, the saving you made on the initial purchase will be drowned out by the ever-increasing utility bills.

The lifespan of an electrical unit beats that of a gas furnace, 10 – 20 years is a long time. The installation process when referring to an electrical furnace is less involved, and much easier to complete, with less disruption to your household. Electric furnaces, although they do need regular maintenance, are easier for you to find the source of problems yourself, and carry out minor adjustments without having to call a technician. There is no risk of gas leaks that are harmful to your family, however, anything electric does still pose a fire risk if the installation of electrical work is not undertaken professionally.

Furnace Repair Service

With temperatures starting to fall and the winter season knocking at the door, it is the perfect time to purchase a furnace. Considering how expensive buying a furnace and installing it can be, you should reach out to a reliable HVAC contractor in Saratoga Spring, NY. It is here that Albany Mechanical Services Inc. steps in. We are here to help you buy a furnace that suits the design of your house. Following that, we will ensure a seamless furnace installation at your place.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our testimonial and reviews sections speak for themselves. Our dedication has made us one of the most dependable HVAC contractors for a Long Island furnace installation. Below are a few reasons we stand tall among the list of competitors:

Upfront Pricing

Our technicians will provide you with an accurate upfront cost of the end-to-end process. Thus, you can plan accordingly.

24x7 Emergency Services

Emergencies do not come with prior notice. However, we can guarantee our presence at any point of the day.

Several Financing Options

Buying and installing a furnace might prove to be an expensive process. Hence, we provide our customers with numerous financing options so that an insufficient budget should not stop them from leading a comfortable life.

Exciting Promotional Offers

Our customers will get several discount offers and promotional coupons on our website. These can act as an added incentive for you to choose as your HVAC contractors.

Along with the above advantages, we provide a host of services to our customers. We treat our customers like family and want to make it easier for them at every step of an HVAC installation process.


Whether you select gas or electric, Albany Mechanical Service Inc. has the skill and experience to get Furnace Installation in Clifton Park, Saratoga, NY, and the Surrounding Areas done safely and efficiently. Contact us today!


Determine the type of heating and cooling system in your home.
Utilize the services offered by a reputable organization.
Avoid at all costs the purchase of a previously-owned unit.
To make the right choice is important.
It would help if you acquired a warranty for it.
Maintain a regular maintenance routine.

If you notice any issues with your system after furnace installation, contact a professional technician in Latham.

Depending on the system's design type and dimensions, the furnace installation process could take between 4 to 10 hours to complete. A larger and more complex model will require a higher investment of time and labor. If possible, every homeowner should prioritize saving money to purchase a brand-new heating system.

You will need fast access to natural gas, abundant fresh air, and sufficient ventilation for your furnace to operate at peak efficiency. These critical components can be located in expansive spaces such as basements, utility rooms, and garages.

Furnace installation must take place on a levelled surface. The heat exchanger will be damaged if the stove is not leveled correctly. For the best furnace installation in Latham, contact Albany Mechanical Services Heating and Cooling.

Air from the immediate vicinity is sucked into traditional furnaces. The product includes an exhaust fan that draws air into the box and a vent that pulls air out of your home.

The following is an overview of several tasks on our checklist for furnace maintenance:

  • A comprehensive examination of the ventilation system and air intake grilles for obstructions and removing them.
  • Conducting a comprehensive heat exchanger inspection for signs of corrosion or deterioration.
  • A thorough examination and cleaning of the blower, i.e., removing any debris that may be present.

A malfunctioning thermostat is one of the most common problems that can arise with a furnace which is one of the most significant components of the system. Consequently, the battery in your thermostat will ultimately fail, and your heating system will operate less efficiently.

At least once every year, the interior and outside of a conventional furnace are advised to be cleaned thoroughly. It will ensure that your HVAC system runs efficiently and for a more extended period. Also, it will prevent your ducts from becoming dirty, preventing the spread of dust and grime throughout your home.

The following are some of the steps to install a furnace successfully:

  • Determine the heating system you choose and the position of the system.
  • Identify the path that your drain and duct will go.
  • Establish a link between the ducting system and the designated location.
  • Connect vent pipes.
  • Restore the gas supply.
  • Create a link between the device and the power source.
  • Connect condensate drain.
  • Check the connections twice.