Furnace Installation Service in Green Island, Clifton Park, Saratoga, NY and the Surrounding Areas

Furnace Installation Service in Green Island, NYMajority of heating installations incorporate the use of furnace these days. Furnaces are easily obtained and the cost implications a little smaller than for other heat sources. Of course, as with everything, you have the choice of selecting either gas-driven or electrically-driven item. Each comes with pros and cons of their own, and we, at Albany, will be happy to keep you in the loop. We are here to make your decision that much simpler to make. When you need Furnace Installation Service in Saratoga, NY, know that you can always give us a call.

Going The Gas Route – Know Your Facts

Although a gas furnace costs quite a bit more by way of initial investment, the operational costs are considerably lower than that of an electrical furnace. Natural gas has decreased in price over the years, making it affordable to run your furnace when you need to. A gas unit is proven to be more efficient and effective in extreme cold, the gas reaches higher temperatures than electric furnaces in this situation and under normal cold conditions, gas will heat your home quicker than the electric models. You can expect your gas furnace to have quite a long lifespan which ranges between 10 and 20 years, however, gas furnaces need to be maintained religiously.

Safe Gas Furnace Installation

Gas emits toxic carbon monoxide which is undetected through lack of odor. This can be extremely harmful, and in some cases fatal, if not rectified. Gas does have explosive and flammable properties which can be a cause for concern if you don’t ensure that your equipment is running without fault at all times. Overall a gas furnace is a way to go if you are wanting to invest in a heating system. Yes, the installation may be a little more involved than that of an electrical unit, and the initial cost may be a little higher, however, in the long-term, the operational savings and benefits outweigh these issues.

Electricity All The Way – Your Choice

If you are concerned about the safety of using gas in your home and opt for an electrically-driven furnace, there are things you should know before making that final decision. An electrical unit is cheaper initially as the purchase or investment price is far less than that of a gas unit, however, operational costs are higher, and over time, the saving you made on the initial purchase will be drowned out by the ever-increasing utility bills. The lifespan of an electrical unit beats that of a gas furnace, 10 – 20 years is a long time. The installation process when referring to an electrical furnace is less involved, and much easier to complete, with less disruption to your household. Electric furnaces, although they do need regular maintenance, are easier for you to find the source of problems yourself, and carry out minor adjustments without having to call a technician. There is no risk of gas leaks which are harmful to your family, however, anything electric does still pose a fire risk if the installation of electrical work is not undertaken professionally.

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