Fall and Winter Preventative HVAC Maintenance Tips

It’s a good idea to start preparing your home for winter now that the days are growing shorter. Your HVAC system’s energy consumption can be greatly decreased by making a small effort to ensure that it operates properly. Make the transition from cooling to heating as effortless as possible by hiring our HVAC contractor in Clifton Park.

HVAC maintenance tips that you should follow this winter!

Here are some precautions to keep your house secure, comfortable, and functional this winter.

Get the outdoor plumbing ready.

Remove your hose and drain any water to be saved for the winter while it is still above freezing. If your exterior faucets have a shut-off valve, close the valve and turn on the external faucets to drain the water from them. After draining the faucets, shut off the outdoor faucet and insulate the pipes with a styrofoam kit you can buy at your neighborhood hardware store.

Pipe insulation

Check for water supply pipes in unheated areas of your house that have plumbing, such as the garage or the basement. If you find any lines that aren’t insulated, wrap them in insulation foam to keep them from freezing during the colder months.

Changing air filters

Replacing the air filters in your furnace will improve your home’s air quality and the furnace’s efficiency. Fall is an excellent time to perform a deep clean to lessen the amount of dirt, dust, and debris circulating through the HVAC system. Contact our professional HVAC contractor in Saratoga Springs, NY, if you wish to replace the furnace system.

Fill up cracks around your house.

Look for holes near your windows, doors, and the points where pipes enter your house. You may help keep cold and warm air out by plugging any openings you notice. Use a strong sealant that is UV-resistant, waterproof, and paintable after fully curing to seal any gaps. Before caulking, cover bigger gaps with a foam backer rod.

Clean chimney

While enjoying a warm fire in the winter is one of life’s greatest pleasures, poorly maintained chimneys can be dangerous.

Regular HVAC upkeep

Modern HVAC systems are intricate devices that benefit from an annual tune-up from our qualified HVAC contractor in Clifton Park who can determine what your system needs to work more effectively and contribute to extending its lifespan. However, you can take a few measures on your own to get ready for the fall.

Water heater maintenance

Most tankless water heaters benefit from annual maintenance, which includes descaling, and fall is the ideal time to undertake this maintenance. Water heaters accumulate scale with time, which reduces their operational efficiency. It is advised to study the manufacturer’s instructions before any water heater maintenance.

Heating system maintenance

Another item that needs yearly professional evaluation for best performance is the heating system. Schedule a maintenance service for the heating system to repair issues that could become a problem in the long run and to maintain efficiency.


Preparing your home for the severe, cold winter weather will keep you warm, protect your home, and help it work more efficiently. Some furnace issues you can solve easily using DIY tips, but some jobs are best left to our experts at Albany Mechanical Services. We are one of the best HVAC contractors in Saratoga Springs, NY, available at your service to help you! Call (518)273-5541 to schedule a service.

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