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Founded in 1981, we are a reputable, locally-owned company that takes pride in offering top-notch heating, cooling, HVAC, and related services to Saratoga, NY, and the surrounding areas. As the go-to Air Conditioning Service Experts in Albany, Clifton Park, and Saratoga, NY, we boast a satisfied client list and strong affiliations with major building associations, all backed by the required state approval. Your comfort and contentment are at the heart of our mission, and we are committed to surpassing your expectations with our exceptional service.

Air Conditioning Installations - Quality Guaranteed

Air Conditioning Service Experts in The Capital District

When you think of an AC installation, your mind shouldn’t be riddled with a thought of a messy home for days on end while the contractor completes the task. What should enter your mind is a job that will be completed with speed, efficiency, and in as clean a manner as possible. At Albany, you can be assured that we only use technicians who are certified to carry out the tasks at hand.

Our staff are well-trained and kept up to date with the latest advancements in technology and equipment. There is no need to worry about your safety while we are on the job; our technicians are thoroughly screened before being made a member of the Albany team. We go to great lengths to protect your property and leave your home even better than we found it. Whether your project is residential, commercial, or a new construction project, we are at the top of our game.


Maintenance on already installed units is a great deal of our air conditioning work. Maintenance is extremely important and must be carried out regularly. This is our opportunity to prevent unnecessary breakdown through wear, tear, and deterioration of the moving components. Our maintenance regime is thorough and certainly, leaves nothing undiscovered. Our maintenance service plans on offer are affordable and worth the monthly fee! Allow us to take that stress off your list and still be guaranteed an AC that optimally works when needed.


When it comes to repairs to your air conditioner, we know that this can be a real spanner in the works. Breakdowns occur at times that are most inconvenient and usually when your budget doesn’t allow for it. We at Albany are quick to respond to your emergencies. We provide feedback on our findings and offer a quotation for the repairs required. We only make use of durable materials so that your repair is really worth your money. Our workmanship cannot be faulted, and our customer service is something we strive to keep at high standards each and every day. We provide warranties on our parts and labor, leaving you with no worry about what happens when we leave.


If you feel your AC isn’t operating at the highest performance levels anymore, perhaps the air isn’t as cold, or your utility bill is climbing, which raises questions about the unit’s energy efficiency, or you simply feel that something is amiss. It is best to call in the services of a trained professional.

At Albany, we are more than happy to come out, evaluate your equipment, and offer you an honest opinion on the state of the unit. If it can be repaired and it will increase the longevity and performance, we’ll tell you so. However, if not, we will recommend a replacement. We make use of quality, branded equipment, each proven in the field of performance and durability. We provide the newest technology on the market, ensuring you that your replacement will be energy-efficient and operationally cost-effective from the start.

If you live in Saratoga, NY, and the surrounding areas, and you require 24 hour AC repair near me Albany, Clifton Park, and Saratoga, NY, to provide you with the environment your family deserves, there is no other you should call. Professional service is always in the cards, and satisfaction is a given.

Have questions?  Submit a request through our online request form or give us a call and our specialist will help guide you through the different Air Conditioning Services.