Air Conditioning Repair in Green Island, Clifton Park, Saratoga, NY and the Surrounding Areas

The repair of your air conditioner will determine whether or not the unit will operate as it should going forward. You need to seek out a professional who will investigate your concerns, however, still go that step further and do a thorough examination of the unit. Locating the fault should be easy for the trained eye and ear. The repair team at Albany is thorough in every aspect our work. Our technicians are trained in the function and makeup of air conditioning units. We are easily able to assess where the problem lies by listening to your complaints and to the sounds of your equipment. Air Conditioning Repair in Clifton Park, NY can always be rendered by us!

Spares – Branded Quality

Air Conditioning Repair in Green Island, NY

A repair carried out on any equipment is really only as good as the technician who is carrying out the repairs, and the spares you are placing into the equipment. At Albany, you can be assured that the parts we use to complete our repairs are high-quality and durable. We purchase our products from branded, well-known companies like Amana and Goodman, to name a few. They have a proven history in the industry, a reputation for longevity, and high-performance ratings.

Quotations, and Warranties

We provide free estimates for our clientele which allows you to budget accordingly for that repair that just must be done. We know how tightly everybody’s budget is stretched these days and we don’t want to add to that by charging to simply evaluate your equipment. We won’t carry out repairs without pricing the work first – nasty surprises are the last thing you need when having to undertake a repair that already was not within your budget for the month. What we estimate is what you pay, and that is guaranteed! The warranty we offer to our customers covers everything from the equipment and spares we install to the workmanship our staff provides. The warranty is proof of our confidence in the brands we use, the work we produce, and it allows you peace of mind that when we leave, your problems leave with us.

24/7 On Call Emergency Service

Mechanical equipment such as your air conditioner is a necessity in life today, however, as wonderful an invention they are, they can be unpredictable. Moving parts within these units are prone to wear and tear, and even with regular maintenance, the aging parts can fail. Unfortunately, this usually happens at the most inopportune times and inconvenient moments. We are here to give you that lifeline everybody needs in a time of dire emergency. Our 24 hour 7 day a week emergency service is always available! Someone will always be there to take your call and advise you in the right manner or dispatch a technician to your aid. With Albany, you are never alone. A friendly voice and reassuring smile are always there to greet you. We are always available to take your calls for assistance. We are prompt to respond and we get your air back to frosty as quickly as we can. Our turnaround times are fast and our prices are as affordable as you’ll find anywhere. Call Albany Mechanical Services Inc. today and allow us to mop that perspiration from your brow.

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