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Last year our perception of the outside world changed. Now we find it hard to feel safe in the outdoors. The changing weather and the rising heat have compelled us to stay in our comfortable indoors. But in order to maintain that comfort, we have to do some work. 

Our air conditioning unit has become an essential part of our lives. We can’t even imagine a life without our beloved ac unit, but it tends to break down. And when it breaks down, our routine takes a hit. Therefore, we should definitely learn about maintenance. 

Most ac services cost $75 to $200 for a simple tune-up. An entire HVAC unit service or tune-up can cost up to $500, $50 to $150 per hour. In case you need professional ac service, there are expert technicians specializing in AC service Saratoga, NY. If you really don’t want to waste money, then many DIY manuals are available in the market.

Here are some ac maintenance tips; don’t forget to switch off the power:

  • Regular cleaning of the air conditioner filters

One of the main reasons for your ac unit’s reduced efficiency is the air filters’ clogging. To prevent this, you should routinely clean them. Use reusable filters, but if they are very dirty, then you can replace them.

  • Clean the evaporator and condenser coils

Clear the dirt, grass cuttings, and other trash around the ac unit to prevent the coils from getting dirty. If not cleaned properly, the dirt could coat, clog, insulate and reduce the coils’ efficiency.

  • Clean and straighten the fins

Remove the outer covers, and then use a gentle stream from a garden hose and clean the inside. This would remove any dust or dirt that got collected between the fins. If you have a professional fin straightening tool, please use it to straighten any bent fins. It’s safer to use a tool.

Now onto 24-hour ac repair near me, Many factors contribute to the breakdown of an air conditioner unit. Even after regular maintenance, the unit can still develop problems. The repair can cost from $125 to $459. Certain signs can be an indication for urgent repair. Here are some of these signs.

  • Insufficient or reduced airflow

If you feel like your unit is not producing the appropriate, there could be something wrong with the airways or the filters. The airways can be blocked due to accumulated dirt, or the air filters could be clogged due to dirt or other environmental factors. Or it could be the sign of your ac unit nearing its limit, especially in older units. Hence it’s better to call in the professional.

  • Warm air

Check the thermostat, change the mode to cooling set below room temperature. If the unit is still giving out warm air through the vents, it could be the coolant problem. Therefore it’s better to call the professionals.

  • Bad odors and unusual noises

A variety of reasons can contribute to these problems. Most of them are serious enough to warrant a visit from a professional.

  • Leaks

None of the liquids used as a refrigerant should leak out. If there are puddles in the vicinity of your unit, better call the professionals and keep the kids and pets away.

Call Albany Mechanical Services for AC repair

In the case of both residential ac service near me, our team at Albany Mechanical Services are ready to take up any problem and find its solution. We only employ trained technicians who use the best tools in the market. 

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