7 Ways To Make Your HVAC Unit More Energy-Efficient

Your heating and cooling system is a significant investment in your home. A well-maintained system can help you enhance the air quality in your house and may even result in cost savings, but ensuring everything is functioning properly occasionally calls for the assistance of a qualified professional you can rely on.

Spending a lot of money is unnecessary to be energy efficient. Use these seven low-cost suggestions to increase your home’s heating and cooling effectiveness.

Employ fans to move air around your rooms

In the summer, fans cool the skin, but they don’t cool down rooms, so using a fan in an unused space is a waste of electricity. To generate this cooling downdraft, ceiling fans must rotate in opposite directions. When it’s cold outside, turn your ceiling fans around and run them slowly to diffuse warm air accumulated towards the ceiling.

Utilize the free solar energy 

Open your curtains to let the solar system’s largest power plant warm your house. In contrast, keeping the curtains closed and the blinds drawn during the summer will relieve some of the strain on your HVAC system.

Change the way you use the thermostat

In the summer, turn the thermostat up a notch, and in the winter, turn it down. Experiment with different settings if you don’t mind the difference to determine the maximum comfortable summer temperature and the lowest comfortable winter temperature for your home. You will notice a change in your utility bills even if you only make a small adjustment.

Maintain clean air filters

Set a reminder on your phone as an easy way to remember to replace filters. Additionally, it’s a good idea to mark the date as you install each new filter so you can quickly assess its quality. Higher Merv filters may make your HVAC system work slightly harder to circulate air around your home, reducing energy efficiency and increasing system wear and tear. Still, for many homeowners, healthy indoor air is well worth the cost.

A preseason checkup

This one could be more expensive, but it’s worthwhile. Getting frequent tune-ups is the best way to ensure your unit stays efficient. Try to arrange two checks a year if your unit serves heating and cooling purposes, one in the spring before you use your air conditioner and one in the fall before you use your heater. If there are issues, you’ll have this time of year to deal with them if they arise.

Shield your device from the sun and objects

Overexposure to the sun might make your HVAC system work harder to cool down your living space. You can avoid this by placing it in a shady spot, but you also need to be careful not to place it too close to plants that could obstruct the vents and hinder adequate ventilation, such as trees or shrubs.

Detecting and fixing ductwork leaks

Your home’s network of ducts is securely sealed at every connection and junction, but not all homeowners are that fortunate. You can spend a lot of energy heating and cooling your attic, basement, and the cracks in your walls if your ducts are leaky.

Most HVAC specialists can do pressure tests to assist you in identifying the issue, and most of them provide a range of repair services. We all want to feel comfortable at home, so we must ensure that our HVAC system is functioning well.


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