6 Reasons Your AC is Not Cooling and How to Fix It

After a hard summer work day, returning home to a malfunctioning air conditioner can be very upsetting. Whether it is a split system or a window unit, an air conditioner uses several mechanisms to keep the space cool.

A general tip for avoiding major AC problems in the future, such as AC replacement in Clifton Park, is to have the unit serviced regularly. The peak usage period is in the summer, so getting it serviced ahead of time will keep it in excellent shape.

Six Specific Causes of An AC Cooling Issue and Suggests Solutions.

Dirty Coils

The condenser emits heat as an AC radiator (removed from the air). The condenser coils won’t be able to distribute heat externally if they are filthy and clogged.

Solution: Clean the coils thoroughly with a vacuum hose. Maintain moderate pressure to prevent harming the coils.

Reduced Refrigerant/Gas

The AC gas or refrigerant may vaporize. It may result in a drop in the air conditioner’s pressure and the evaporator coils freezing. As a result, the water in the drainage pan overflows.

Solution: Replace the refrigerant in the air conditioner. The first steps are checking the system, stopping the compressor, and checking the refrigerant.

Incorrect Installation

If your recent AC installation in Latham, NY, did not function properly, it is likely too small or large for the space. Therefore, try to learn more about your room, such as the number of windows, the amount of daylight it receives, and other factors.

Solution: Hire a second HVAC company to examine your system because the first failed to do something properly.

A Corroded Drain Pan

Condensate is collected in the drain pan. An old air conditioner most likely has cracks or rust. In this case, water won’t collect; instead, it will leak through the unit.

Solution: If the drain pan is broken or cracked, the best course of action is to replace it.

Incandescent Lighting And Inadequate Heat Insulation

To ensure that your air conditioner effectively cools the room, ensure the area is free of any unwanted heat sources.

Solution: Windows exposed to direct sunlight should be covered or tinted, and you must replace incandescent lighting with more powerful LED lighting.

The Compressor Malfunctioned

In an air-conditioning system, the compressor manages the refrigerant flow between the condenser and the evaporator. If the condenser fails, the air cannot be sufficiently chilled.

Solution: Hire a specialist to swap out the damaged compressor.

Important Takeaways

To clean your air conditioning unit, adhere to these easy instructions:

• Turn off the unit’s electricity.
• Cleared any leaves, branches, or other debris.
• To vacuum the fins, use a soft-bristled brush attachment.
• Clean the area around the motor.
• Use a damp washcloth to clean the fan blades.


The best method to make the most of an air conditioner this summer is to perform timely maintenance and address any issues. A knowledgeable technician will accurately identify the issue and suggest the most effective solution. It can help people save money, time, and effort.

Visit Albany Mechanical Services Inc. for more tips on your air conditioning system. Our friendly group will gladly assist you with any maintenance issues you may be experiencing. We can also assist you with AC installation in Saratoga Springs, NY. Call us right away.

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