5 Smells That Need Attention With Your HVAC System

Is a smell coming out of your HVAC system? Are you confused by the smell of rotting eggs, burning gas, or overheating? Usually, furnaces run for a long time without any issue. But sometimes, your HVAC system might emit an odor that signals you to get it repaired. This is extremely necessary to prevent any major damage to the HVAC system and your house. It is always advisable to call in an HVAC expert to handle this issue. It might involve dealing with dangerous acids and burning parts that are not resolvable by home repairs or DIY solutions. Keep reading this article to know about the different odors that your HVAC system can emit.

  • The Smell of Overheating/electrical Odors

If you smell something burning due to overheating or the smell of a wire burning, then it is probably due to electricity. In these cases, quickly turn off the main power to your HVAC system and inspect parts for burns. These issues need your immediate attention to protect your house from any other damage. Check the air filter for restricted airflow and check if it is clogged. Electrical issues are not resolvable by DIY solutions, and you should contact our heating services in Saratoga technicians immediately.

  • Smell of Gas

The smell of gas coming from your heater should never be ignored. Gas can cause a lot of problems in the household if it is a major leak. It might also be a minor issue, but you should always be sure about that. If you turn on your heater after a long summer and can smell gas coming out of the heater, then it might be due to the build-up of dust on the air filter. The smell will eventually dissipate after that. But if it does not, perhaps your heater has a leaky pipe, and you need to fix it to prevent a major mishap. In these cases, call in a technician as soon as you discover that the gas is the culprit.

  • The Smell of Rotten Eggs

The smell of rotten eggs signifies the presence of sulfuric acid. This means that you have an extremely dangerous gas leak in your house. You can try leaving the house with windows open and then immediately calling the best heating contractors near me and the gas company to inform them about the gas leak.

  • The Oily Smell from the Tank

An oily smell emanating from the furnace can mean that a fitting on its tank is loose, and it should be properly screwed in. This can also signify that an oil line needs to be repaired or replaced to stop the oil flow. These issues need to be taken care of by a professional only. Also, a bad filter might be the culprit behind the oily smell. If these are not the issues, then perhaps the oil burner isn’t functioning the way it is supposed to. All these issues need HVAC experts to resolve them.

  • The Smell of Burning Smoke

Another smell that emanates from furnaces is the smell of burnt smoke. This might be because of a faulty condensation coil. When the condensation coil of a furnace does not work properly, it emits a smoky smell which causes the smell of burnt smoke.

All of these issues require immediate redressal and should be resolved at the earliest. You should always let the professionals handle these. For more information and details, visit our website now and contact us on (518)-273-5541.

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