3 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time To Run Maintenance On Your Appliances

3 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time To Run Maintenance On Your Appliances

3 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time To Run Maintenance On Your Appliances

Summer is starting to creep back into all of our lives and we could not be happier. Taking our kids to get an afternoon ice-cream has never looked more appealing after the winter we just endured. A large majority of us take this opportunity to do some Spring Cleaning and this should also be including your appliances, such as your Air Conditioner unit.

Spring is the best time of the year to run an Air Conditioner maintenance in Saratoga, NY and we at Albany Mechanical Services have over 30 years of experience in the industry and we are committed to providing customers with the latest in technology, quality workmanship, and the ultimate in customer service and support, all at a reasonable price!

We would love to share with you 3 reasons why Spring is truly the best time to get your HVAC equipment checked:

Extend the lifespan of your AC

By running maintenance on any of your appliances regardless if it’s during spring it will help to increase a longer duration and enhanced performance of your machine. To prepare yourself for Summer, we recommend cleaning out all the debris, dust, and, even mold that might have developed over the freezing months. A build up of such unpleasant elements could potentially put your home at risk of poor indoor air quality and will decrease its efficiency. As you’re unlikely to use your AC during Spring this is the best time to act as it won’t interfere with your daily activities so your home is ready for those warm months.

Better to be prepared

By hiring a professional team such as Albany Mechanical Services you can be rest assured that our Air Conditioner maintenance in Saratoga, NY will make sure that nothing will come in between you and your family enjoying your summer this year. Not only will you be prepared but you can also ensure that any problems that might have developed during the past season will be detected early and you’ll be able to decrease your expenses with repairing services. Saving money has never looked so good!

3 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time To Run Maintenance On Your Appliances

Don’t let your AC decay away with time

Just like most things, AC units deteriorate with age. Nowadays AC units are built to last around 10-15 years but without the proper care you could eliminate that time frame in half. As each year passes your unit will start to lose around 5% of its energy efficiency if you don’t properly maintain it. Your AC unit will begin to require more energy to do it’s job which increases your energy bills. Therefore, maintenance is extremely important so that you can ensure you get the most bang for your buck and live in a home that is stress free when it gets too hot to even think straight.
Our dedication to serving our communities has earned us multiple affiliations and memberships. Not only do we use the most durable products in the market but we also offer the best warranties to keep you happy and comfortable all year long. Additionally, we proudly offer 24-hour, dependable service and preventative maintenance programs to satisfy all HVAC needs. Give us a call today on 518 273 5541.

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