3 Common Air Conditioning Repairs and Solutions

There are various AC problems that we may or may not experience with our AC unit. Some are easy to fix, and professionals will not be required to inspect these problems, while others are confusing, complicated, and risky that can be solved by an expert only. 

However, a few AC problems are so common that almost all AC owners complain about these common problems. These problems require an inspection by a professional for AC services in Saratoga, NY.

Three Common AC Problems and Their Solution

AC is Increasing The Heat 

What can be more terrible than an AC blowing hot air instead of cool air? Many reasons stop AC from performing its cooling task. Low refrigerant levels, circuit breaker tripping, and wrong thermostat settings are the most common causes behind this issue. 

Solution: Thermostat or circuit breaker-related problems both need a reset. Turn the AC and its main power supply off. Pull down the AC circuit and turn it on again after some time. Check for the reset button on your thermostat. 

Press this button for a few seconds. Turn on your thermostat and set the required temperature. If this solution didn’t help, contact the HVAC technician. All refrigerant-related problems need to be handled by a professional as they can be risky if mishandled.

Repetitive AC Short Cycling

AC short cycling once or twice is not a big issue, but it becomes annoying and a huge problem when you face this repeatedly. Usually, dirty AC components, refrigerant leakage, and blown fuses cause this issue.

Solution: Check whether your AC needs cleaning. Dirty components lead to almost all AC problems. Replace the air filters every 30 days. Clean reusable air filters regularly. Wash off all the dirt, debris, dust, etc., from the outdoor AC unit. 

Clean the drain lines using chlorine bleach and a brush. Make the drip pan and blowers dust-free with a vacuum. Check for refrigerant leakage or ductwork cracks if you clean your AC often and still face the issue. Get the leakage point sealed by the technician. If blown fuses are the reason, replace them with a new fuse box.

Electric Flow-Related Issue

Low power supply, high voltage, broken electrical connections, poor wiring, or continuous power fluctuation are the reasons that cause electric flow-related issues. Due to these problems, AC sometimes suddenly stops working, sometimes it gets overheated, or the compressor runs constantly.

Solutions: Never handle the wiring problems yourself. Talk to the AC professional or a technician immediately and book their service. This way, you can save yourself and your family from any electric mishap.


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